Stealth Startup

Sep 2022 - Present

Full Stack Developer

  • Implemented NewRelic Monitoring in Laravel and Lumen Application for Observability
  • Integrated a new shipment method Ajex in a quick commerce fulfillment platform
  • Fixed shipping method Aramex integration in a quick commerce fulfillment platform
  • Added Full Text Search to complete system for SQL Query optimization
  • Developed bundle product feature from scratch with inventory sync to multiple e-commerce platforms (WordPress,Shopfiy etc)
  • Created utility commands and custom tooling to manage tenants for a multi tenancy platform
  • Reduced TTFB for API by using newrelic to monitor and identify slow API Requests
  • Optimized TTFB by reducing redis calls in a Laravel system
  • Design and Developed Orders CSV Export to S3
  • Improved Sentry Monitoring and Reporting by implementing custom tags to quickly identify the producer i.e tenant,service etc
  • Design and Developed a public facing Citizen Application System in Laravel from Scratch
  • Created a complex multi step citizen application form with PDF Generation
  • Implemented a complex 5 level deep 2 way Family Tree forms using orgChart and beautified it using custom css
  • Designed architecture for 2-way communication with SuitCRM for syncing user applications.
  • Added DocuSign integration for single and batch document signature from both applicant and guardian of citizenship
  • Worked with SuiteCRM developers to improve security of API
  • Conducted Code Reviews and guided other developers to maintain high standards of code

Skills : Jira,Agile Methodologies,Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD),Distributed Systems,DevOps,Git,Laravel,WordPress,PHP,MySQL,HTML5,Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),JavaScript,jQuery

DatumSquare IT Services

Jan 2021 - Aug 2022

Senior Software Engineer (PHP)

  • Worked on PHP CLI scripts for server management.
  • Worked on Page Speed Optimization projects for clients in US.
  • Converted a Legacy Zend One PHP Project into Laravel 8.
  • Wrote helper scripts in NodeJS to calculate page speed using API and headlessbrowser (Both).
  • Provide L3 support in various issues which arrises regarding WordPress and Server.
  • Managed Multiple Laravel Projects for client and added functionality when required.
  • Manage Plugin and WP Core updates for 2000+ sites and released updates every month.
  • Created Micro Services Architecture using Node JS and Express.Js
  • Integrated Kafka Event Streaming in a Node JS app built on micro services architecture
  • Integrated CI and Docker in a Node JS app built on micro services architecture
  • Wrote quality code with Test Driven Development using JEST and ESLint respectively for a micro serivce on Node JS.

Skills : Node.js,DevOps,CI,Git,Amazon Web Services (AWS),Laravel,System Administration,PHP,LinuxSkills

Air School

Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

PHP Developer

  • Developed and Maintained an e-Commerce Site built on Laravel
  • Added Batches Features in Courses
  • Added Affiliate Dashboard
  • Implemented e-classroom solution using Agora SDK
  • Worked with front end developer to integrate new pages in site
  • Managed Staging Server and AWS S3 Buckets for Agora Video Recordings
  • Integrated Popkit in Website

Skills : PHP,Laravel,MySQL,HTML,CSS,jQueryy,Web Socket,Agora

Please download CV to see experience in much detail


Master of Data Science(Drop Out)

2020 - 2020

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES)

Dropped out as there was an issue with pre requisite subjects.

Bachelor of Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)

2011 - 2015

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

I pursued my professional education in mechanical engineering first.